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The amazingness of Albert Pujols (via Four Posts Above Replacement Level)

October 3, 2010

Albert is good.

The stats that follow are from BEFORE today's game. Albert Pujols has a 7.3 WAR. It's his lowest since 2002 (5.7 WAR). Albert Pujols has a .313 BA. It's the lowest of his career. Albert Pujols has a .415 OBP. It's his lowest since 2002* (.394 OBP). Albert Pujols has a .598 SLG. It's his lowest since 2007 (.568 SLG). His next lowest SLG was in 2002. Albert Pujols has a .420 wOBA. It's his lowest since 2007 (.414 wOBA). Albert Pujols had a Fld. rat … Read More

via Four Posts Above Replacement Level


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