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Changeups at Coors – A Quick and Dirty

July 6, 2010

With Blake Hawksworth slated for a start at Coors, Azruavatar (Future Redbirds Editor and friend of PAH9) tweeted me a question about how changeups behave there. In the interest of time (i.e. I don’t have a whole lot) I just looked up some anecdotal evidence. I compared the changeups in 2009 of a couple pitchers, vice doing a massive study. The velocity was unchanged for the Coors and Non-Coors samples. The movement is in the tables below

Horizontal Movement
Pitcher Non Coors Coors
Jason Hammel -8.6 -4.5
Ubaldo Jimenez -6.6 -4.1
Vertical Movement
Pitcher Non Coors Coors
Jason Hammel 4.4 1.7
Ubaldo Jimenez 4.7 2.8

So it looks like the change ups are moving less in Coors than they do on the road for these two guys.  This alone doesn’t say how effective Hawk’s change up will be as that would require additional analysis.   Clearly this was not an exhaustive study, but still something to store away as you watch today’s game.

UPDATE:  I’m an idiot and can’t read my own chart.  It looks like they are moving less horizontally and MORE vertically.  the lower numbers would be more vertical movement… Sorry.

Finally, the data was unscrubbed from MLBAM, so there may be classification issues and potentially calibration issues.


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