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Birds on the Brain – Carp’s Velocity

May 8, 2010

There’s been talk across the internet via various folks twitter feeds and blogs about Carp’s velocity being down this year.  I had looked into it a little earlier in the year, but figured now was a good time to look again.  I thought the following chart might tell the story

It has velocity across the x axis and the frequency at which he hits that velocity according to pitch f/x up the y axis.  Clearly, as has already been discussed many times, he’s sitting at 91-92 this year as opposed to 93-94 last year, but more interesting to me is he hasn’t had the 95-97 in the holster when he’s needed it this year.  All that being said, I wanted to see how this year compared to other years in Carp’s history.  Looking at his pitch types info on Fangraphs, it looks like last year was the aberration as back in 04-06 he was averging around 91-92 on his fastball, which is in line with this year so far.


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