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Where is Carp in the Pantheon of Cards Pitchers?

February 12, 2010

Ignoring that Gibby is the CLEAR #1, I was curious where Carp would fit on the all-time list so I created a fun graph.

One caveat here is that these are career curves not just the individuals time with the Cardinals as I wanted to get a feel for who were the best pitchers on a career level. That being said I eliminated Steve Carlton from consideration because of his relative lack of playing time with the Birds.

From this graph I’d give Dizzy the lead (and even he has the fairly substantial fall-off), and everyone else is clustered in the good-great, but not all-time great kind of category.

Finally just as a bonus, and to see how great Gibby was I graphed him and Carp X 2.  Gibby still accumulates more value and has a comparable peak.


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