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The Cardinal Way?

February 11, 2010

There’s always talk in Cardinal nation about the Dave Duncan philosophy of pitching, and it was highlighted even more this year when Ks were prominent in the Cy Young vote.  I wanted to take a graphical look at the Cardinals as a pitching staff and see how the philosophy has manifested itself in the numbers.  The following graph has the NL rank in GB/FB ratio and K/Batters Faced rank for the Cardinals over the last 5 years

Clearly the Cards have almost always been in the top of the league in getting GBs (relative to FBs anyway), and in the bottom in getting Ks.  Now has there been any correlation with team success (warning small sample size alert!!!)

Over the last 5 years the rank in win percentage has tracked fairly well with the rank in GB/FB.  I haven’t done anything scientific here, so I can’t really draw any scientific conclusions.  That being said I find the graphs pretty interesting.


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