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CHONE Defensive Projections

December 5, 2009

Rally rocks. He recently incorporated defensive projections at

Here’s the Cardinals, sorted from best to worst, including some prospects of varying hotness.

Name POS  Runs
Ryan, Brendan SS 15
DeJesus, Antonio OF 11
Jay, Jonathan OF 10
Molina, Yadier C 9
Robinson, Shane OF 9
Pujols, Albert 1B 8
Rasmus, Colby CF 6
Jones, Daryl OF 4
Henley, Tyler OF 2
Rapoport, James CF 1
Luna, Aaron OF 1
Freese, David 3B 0
Brito, Javier DH 0
Craig, Allen OF 0
Thurston, Joe 3B -1
Ludwick, Ryan OF -1
Mather, Joe OF -1
Gotay, Ruben 3B -2
Shorey, Mark OF -2
Hamilton, Mark 1B -3
Buckman, Brandon 1B -3
Arburr, Matthew 1B -3
Stavinoha, Nick OF -3
Solano, Donovan 3B -4
Kozma, Peter SS -4
Brown, Andrew 1B -5
Descalso, Daniel 2B -5
Greene, Tyler SS -5
Schumaker, Skip 2B -6
Lugo, Julio 2B -6
Folli, Mike 3B -6
Pagnozzi, Matt C -6
Cruz, Tony C -7
Derba, Nick C -7
Sedbrook, Colt 2B -10
Rowlett, Casey 2B -10
Hoffpauir, Jarrett 2B -11
Anderson, Bryan C -12
Hill, Steven C -14

It’s optimism, but I’m all for optimism. Rally’s projections have Boog as the NL’s best defensive shortstop, trailed by Tulowitzki and Yunel Escobar.

I don’t know how Sean translates the numbers for catcher exactly, but this looks like another blow to what’s left of Bryan Anderson’s prospect status. And yet Pagnozzi isn’t as stellar as advertised, either. Maybe he’s just popular with pitchers, I don’t know.

Jon Jay, Chief Justice of the Outfield. He’s currently hitting .323/.418/.431 in the Venezuelan Winter League, whatever that might mean. A plus 10 in the corners means he could would be average in center field, which is good. I expect him to be a nice little 4th outfielder next season. Robinson and DeJesus both have the glove to play center, but their bat keeps them from being much more than replacement level.

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  1. December 5, 2009 9:05 PM

    I remember reading that Pagnozzi was overrated defensively (average CS %, nothing special arm wise, etc).

    In my opinion, anytime a catcher is ok receiver and a poor hitter his defense ends up being overrated, kind of a post-hoc rationalization / justification for his poor hitting.

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