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Around the Diamond

November 30, 2009

Hope everyone enjoyed their bird and stuffing. Let’s take a look around the interwebs, catch up on a little news.

  • David Appelman is a genius, and I’m not just kissing up because he lets me occasionally embarrass myself at FanGraphs. He’s now introduced Fan Projections. You can go in, pick your favorite team and enter your projections. This leads to more registered users for FanGraphs and better yet, fewer flaky voters. Smart. CHONE or ZiPS might not know Brendan Ryan might not know helpful information such as Brendan Ryan is going to start 85-90% of the games at SS next year. I take pride that my suspicion that Kyle Lohse’s arm is about to fall off is going to go into his projection.
  • The handlebar mustachioed one is back, per the team’s official Twitter feed. Yawn. In his two seasons with the Cardinals, LaRue performance has been worth $3.5M according to FanGraph’s Win Values, and this assumes he’s been neutral on defense, which he probably has been. Maybe a smidge better than average. He’s earned around $2M. SMALL WIN!!!!111ONE!
  • Some might see this as an indictment against Bryan Anderson. No, the verdict against Anderson came when Matt Pagnozzi moved ahead of him on the depth chart. But, Anderson is just 23 years old. The vultures are circling around Anderson’s prospect status; I’m not ready to bury him yet.
  • I’m going to start wringing my hands about Albert’s contract extension yet. I am going to start to wring my hands a little if I keep hearing Miguel Tejada rumors. Keeping the commentary to a minimum: Batting average, Miguel Tejada: Overrated. Defense, Adrian Beltre: Underrated.
  • One voter has done a 180 on his stance on Mark McGwire and the HoF. I really like Davidoff, but in pleading Mac’s case, I came away feeling a little worse about the BBWAA ever putting McQuiet in the Hall. Talk to us, Mark!

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