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CBA Awards

November 20, 2009

A couple of weeks before I shut down my old site to move over here, I joined the United Cardinal Bloggers alliance.  One of their year end activities is the Cardinal Blogger Awards.  Instead of publishing my ballot over at my old site, I figure I’d publish it here as it also serves as a good year end wrap up post…  Of course these are only my views and Erik probably has his own opinion on these issues.

My votes after the jump

1. Cardinal Player of the Year

  • Matt Holliday
  • Albert Pujols
  • Brendan Ryan
  • Write-in: __________

Albert Pujols.  I’ll make my argument graphically since that’s my style.  Numbers are WAR via Fangraphs.

2. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year

  • Chris Carpenter
  • Ryan Franklin
  • Adam Wainwright
  • Write-in: __________

I struggled just as much as the Cy Young voters did in distinguishing between the two co-aces.  Carpenters rate stats were clearly superior, and AWs innings bridged that gap in terms of value.  In the end I went with the superior quality in choosing Chris Carpenter.  Yes innings matter, but WAR tries to capture that difference, and the two were very close (to the point of well within the measurement error margin) with most WAR metrics.

3. Game of the Year

September 26.  Yay clinching.

4. Surprise Player of the Year

  • Ryan Franklin
  • Brendan Ryan
  • Skip Schumaker
  • Write-in: _____________

Brendan Ryan.  Who would have pegged him for over 3 WAR?  Who would have guessed he even would have garnered enough playing time to accumulate 3 WAR?

5. Disappointing Player of the Year

  • Rick Ankiel
  • Khalil Greene
  • Kyle Lohse
  • Write-in: _____________

This one’s tough as all three projected to contribute and none really did.  I went back and dug out my trusty 2009 CHONE projections and calculated some expected WARs.  Lohse projected to about 2.5 WAR (and actually accumulated 0.8).  Ankiel projected to about 1.7 WAR if you prorate his 2009 projection with his actual 2009 playing time (actual 0.1).  Greene projected to be a below average offensive player, the real disappointment was his D.  Doing some quick math, the gap between projected and actual is about the same for Lohse and Ank, so I’m going to go with Ankiel.  The tipping point was if he performs as expected maybe we still have Brett Wallace and Clayton Mortensen in the system.

6. Cardinal Rookie of the Year

  • Mitchell Boggs
  • Blake Hawksworth
  • Colby Rasmus
  • Write-in: ____________

Rasmus. 2.3 WAR (actually closer to 2.5 is you include baserunning) isn’t too shabby from a rookie.

7. Off-Season Acquisition of the Year

  • Khalil Greene
  • Trever Miller
  • Dennys Reyes
  • Write-in: ____________

Miller as he was the better of the two LOOGYs and both LOOGYs contributed more than Greene.  I will say it’s nice going into next year knowing we won’t have to throw 5-6 minor league FA LOOGYs up against the wall and see what falls out.  It’s also nice to know we’ll be paying both of our LOOOGYs together about the same the Cubs will be paying John Grabow.

8. Midseason Acquisition of the Year

  • Mark DeRosa
  • Matt Holliday
  • John Smoltz
  • Write-in: _________

Holliday.  See above chart.  2.7 WAR in his time with the birds, good for 4th among Cardinals position players.

9. Most Anticipated Cardinal

  • Allen Craig
  • Daryl Jones
  • Shelby Miller
  • Write-in: __________

Shelby Miller.  Most highly touted pitching prospect since the “winner” of number 5 above.  Hopefully this one turns out a little better on the mound.

10. Best Individual Blog*

  • Write-in: __________

Fungoes.  Clearly I’m a numbers guy, so Fungoes is right up my alley.

11. Best Team Blog^

  • Write-in: __________

Viva El Birdos.  The standard.  Even with new faces rotating in, they still produce quality analysis day in day out.  Future Redbirds deserves a mention here on the prospect side of the house as well (and no I’m not just sucking up to my new partner in crime here).

12. Best Media Blog

  • Bird Land
  • Cardinal Beat
  • Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
  • Write-in: __________

Bird Land.  D. Goold is the best the PDs got when it comes to Cardinals coverage.

13. Best UCB Project

The roundtables.  I enjoyed reading the varying opinions and perspectives.

No real opinion on 14 or 15.

16. Rookie Blog of the Year

Clearly I’ll abstain here, but would like to thank Dan for the nomination.  When the nominations were sent out, I had no idea I’d be moving over here to work with Erik.  Hopefully I can justify the nomination with the stuff I produce over here.

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