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There’s something to talk about: Dennys Reyes

March 5, 2009

Sorry other blog. I’ve neglected you. 

The Cardinals threw a bunch of crud on the wall, and none of it stuck. So they decided to sign a real brand name, bona fide LOOGY in Dennys Reyes.  Well alright. The deal is apparently for 2 years and $3M. 

The past three seasons Reyes has posted tRA+’s of 158, 106 and 107. You read the first one right. In his first season as a Twin, he was lights out. He was 2 WAR in 2006, then .4 and .6 last season, and projects to be .6 WAR again, worth a fair market value of $3M. So it’s a decent enough bargain.

Like many a LOOGY, he’s a sinker/slider pitcher. According to his Pitch F/X card at Kalk’s, his sinker comes in at 91 MPH while his slider is 85MPH. Naturally, he throws the slider to lefties nearly 50% of the time. His O-Swing% is 30.9% and batters make contact with those pitches just 40.6% of the time. He’s held LHB in check last year, to the tune of a  .202/.250/.257 line. 

TLR now has his precious two veteran lefties and everyone’s happy. Well, everyone but Royce Ring, Charlie Manning and Ian Ostlund. They’ll be disgruntled and in camp until Mexico (and Reyes) eventually gets eliminated from the WBC.

  1. Jeff permalink
    March 8, 2009 12:24 PM

    So are you here again or at MVN?

    • March 14, 2009 10:00 PM

      Here, I guess.

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